Sunday, July 30, 2006

K&M Watch: Searching for Karadzic(anyone?!)

Every day (or so it seems) there is a Mladic sighting, or a "almost" raid on a Mladic safe area. Mladic has been in the news fairly regularly for the past few months.

The same cannot be said for the former "President" of the "Republika Srpska" Radovan Karadzic-remember him?

While as late as January 2006 it was confirmed that Mladic was hiding in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade); Karadzic's whereabouts read like an episode of "Where In The World in Carmen Sandiego." Rumors have it that he has been holed up in Pale, at a Monastery in Montenegro, or kicking back in Cyprus and or Greece.

However, I think that just besides the fact that we are not really sure where Karadzic is; there are other factors that go into why there has been less media attention and (in my opinion) will to find Karadzic.

Right now, not sending Mladic to the Hague is a barrier to Serbia's desire to join the EU. Therefore, there is much more political pressure on the Serbian government to show that they have the capability to arrest Mladic and turn him over to the Hague.

Ironically, while there is less attention on the search for Karadzic in the international community; Mladic is much more popular in Serbia and the RS sector of BiH than Karadzic is. As the following article explains, Mladic is a soldier; and as a soldier he has earned much more respect and more of a following amongst the Bosnian Serbs than Karadzic, as a President has.

There have also been rumors, and fairly credible ones; that several years ago French SFOR officers tipped Karadzic off to news of an impending raid on his hideout.

Karadzic: An Enigma

The blog, Finding Karadzic, which is one of my side bar links; has a very focused number of articles on the search for Karadzic.

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Srebrenica Massacre said...

He is probably somewhere in the mountains around Pale. He's not far away from his wife. He is a coward. I bet his wife and daughter know where he is but they are not telling.