Saturday, August 05, 2006

Activism: Radovan Milićević

In June of 2005, the execution video of 6 unarmed men from Srebrenica was released worldwide. The video tape, which featured the brutal murders as well as the killers being "blessed" at a Orthodox Church before joining the execution squads also had an impact in Serbia as well; as for perhaps the first time, people began to confront the crimes and atrocities their government did in their name.

Unfortunately, while there are exceptions; there is still a wall of denial about the war crimes committed in the name of the Serbian people. Even today, over a year after the infamous execution video was released, there are still some who cannot or will not believe the evidence of Serbia's role in overseeing the crimes committed by the Serbian paramilitary troops, VRS, and Republika Srpska politicians. The fact that a number of people do not want to see Ratko Mladic sent to the Hague is perhaps a reflection of this denial.

Radovan Milićević has created a website,Zamisli Srbiju that meticulously chronicles videos, documents, speeches and photographs that all show evidence of Serbia's role in the Balkan conflicts and gives undeniable proof of the war crimes committed.

Much of the information on the website is not new; in fact you can find most of the photos of the war time scenes on almost any informative website about the Bosnian war. What is particularly worthy about this project is Milićević's goal of documenting to the people of Serbia, and the world, the fact that genocide and war crimes were committed.

There as already been a very positive response. According to Milićević, young people have been interested in the website, and the site is the most visited non commercial website in South East Europe. The large number of visitors to the website shows that people, particularly the young are interested in learning about, and hopefully, from, the past.

zamislisrbiju online

Helping Serbia Confront Its Recent Past: Interview


Srebrenica Massacre said...

Hi Shaina,

I also came accross that link and find it interesting. I have covered a few articles about Scorpions' trial and their confessions of murders, however, Belgrade (and Serbian media) are keeping the lid tight closed when it comes to paying more attention to the trial of Scorpions, who were under control of Serbian Interior Ministry.

Shaina, look up "Scorpions Serbia" in Google News, zero matches:

Balkan Ghost said...

Thanks for the good link - very informative. Keep up the good blogging.

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Anonymous said...

Actively that person like Mr Milicevic, from Serbia, told the fact about Serbian war crimes in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. Interview is brilliant.

Best wihes from Sarajevo,Bosnia