Friday, August 04, 2006

Travel: Top Tourist Attractions in BiH

According to BH Tourism; the following is the top attractions to check out in BiH.

Top Tourist Attractions.

The Old City in Sarajevo; Neum Resort and the Kravica Waterfalls look the most appealing to me.


Srebrenica Massacre said...

There are other "must-see" places in Bosnia.

One of them Airfield Zeljava near Bihac. Former Yugoslavian communist army invested at least 4 billion dollars to build it. It's practically an undeneath world that can sustain 20-30 kilotons nuclear bomb. It was damaged during the war, but nevertheless, it's a good tourist spot (although, when I see photos of it, it kinda reminds me of communists and I kinda dislike it, but other people might like it). It's visible via Google Earth.

Also, if you use Google Earth, you might wanna look up Tuzla airfield. Around 150 miles east you will find Uzice (Ponikve) airfield in Serbia. They attacked Tuzla airport in 1999, and NATO (from Tuzla airfield) sent airplanes to bomb Ponikve airfield in Serbia. You can still see, almost 7 years lated, craters of explosions caused to Ponikve airfield; some craters were field with asphalt, dozens of other explosion craters still exist around the airfield (soil), etc. Look it up with Google Earth, it's visible via satelite. You can explore Bosnia with Google earth, I can give you coordinates of some really cool places.

Also, another secreet Yugoslav bunker, ARK, that can withstand nuclearn bomb (30 kilotons) is located near Konjic. It's a military compound underneath the mountain. It's so big, it took 26 years to build it, and it cost at least 4 billion dollars (which is probably more dollars in "todays" money).

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Shaina said...

Hi; I have used google earth and I love it. I haven't looked up any Bosnian related sites.

I don't use the comments moderation in case there are days where I can't work on my blog and don't have time to add the comments to the blog.

Yakima_Gulag said...

the lay out at Tuzla's over ground facilities strongly resemble those in Yakima, and the Washington Air National Guard used to practice 'touch and go' landings there in preparation for humanitarian relief work in BiH since a lot of it used to be based out of Tuzla.

Owen said...

Shaina, I can understand why you might prefer the "day per page" format, but it makes it harder for visitors to see whether there are comments on your back posts - particularly as you provide us with such a wonderful flow of really interesting posts.

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petrova said...

All you want to know about Zeljava airbase you can find it here..

There is also forum regarding this airbase with topic for english speaking members: