Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Activism: Srebrenica 99

Srebrenica 99 is an activist group that since 1999 (hence the name) has been helping Bosniaks who were displaced from Srebrenica return to their villages. The Dayton Accords were in theory, supposed to allow refugees to return to their pre war homes; but as we all know, theory does not always lead to practice. This is especially true in the Srebrenica area; which is now part of the Republika Srpska.

Although it has had Bosniak mayors (due to people being able to vote from their pre war homes) it has been difficult, especially in the past for Bosniaks to return to Srebrenica. In 2000 Srebrenica 99 organized the first return to Srebrenica for Bosniaks.

Besides helping refugees return to their homes, they have also been instrumental in leading reconciliation between Serb and Bosniak youth. They have opened the first bi-ethnic summer camp in the area since the war; and work with both Bosniak and Serb children at their community center.

Their dedication to helping the people of Srebrenica rebuild their lives is admirable.

Here is a wonderful basic primer on Srebrenica 99

note: this primer is from a few years ago, so some of the contact info etc. is most probably out of date.

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