Wednesday, August 23, 2006

B92 Articles

Some recent Bosnian related articles on B-92

Police Arrest Tomb Bomber
A Mr. Rahim Amulj is alleged to have blown up the tomb of the first President of BiH, Alija Izetbegovic. If the article is correct, it seems as if bomb making might be a hobby of Mr. Amulj's.

Beara's Defense: VRS had no genocidal plans
Article on opening statement by Mr. Beara's lawyer. Interesting, I'm pretty sure that Kristic also tried the "VRS had no genocidal plans" argument as part of his defense; and it is obvious how well that worked out for him.

(Considering there are 7 defendants, I wonder if they are going to work together-or if they are going to employ the every man for himself routine; and try to blame the crimes they are accused of committing on their co-defendants? )

And the annual where is Ratko article:
Dulic-Markovic: No negotiations with Mladic
I'm really not sure what to think about the latest action plans etc. to find Mladic. There have been so many false starts in the past, that I refuse to believe anything until Mladic is physically in the Hague.

And not really strictly Bosnian related, but Mrs. Milosevic may be returning to Serbia.
Mirjana Markovic: I'll Be Back
Not that I put any stock into what she says, but she claims that her daughter is the victim of "political persecution."


Owen said...

The link to the B92 article goes to the Comments page which doesn't show the text of the article itself.

Owen said...

That was the Amulj article, the others show up OK.

Bg anon said...

Its a pain isnt it Owen? Its something technical at the English section of the site limited archive ability.

The Serbian section has full archive facilities.

If the story of the grave bomber is true I'm relieved. Its so important that things are not shaded with ethnic glasses all the time. You know something happens and an ethnic explanation is immediately assumed. Goes without saying that its also good that it wasnt the conspiracy theory either (since thats also some kind of ethnic thing).

Sometimes all it is are the actions of disturbed individuals as it appears in this case.