Monday, September 04, 2006

Appeal to Political Parties

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia has issued a press released aimed at political parties and candidates in the upcoming election; encouraging them to not use hate speech and instead focus on policy issues.

Whether or not it will be adhere to is another matter.

Press Release

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Bg anon said...

Heres hoping that the appeal will have some influence.

Mind you the problem is that politicians still think that by using ethnicly slanted language (shall we say) they can receive more votes.

Until they stop believing that they will continue in this manner. You have to be a cynical piece of work to be a politician. 'People are all stupid, they believe in words not actions, which is just as well' (snigger), they dont want prosperity, they want illusions, Im only responding to their wishes, I wish the system was different but I have no choice but to make cheap populist statments or the real hardliners will push me out....

These arent direct quotes but its my firm belief that many of them in Bosnia and elsewhere think this way. Its the hapless people I feel sorry for.