Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Video Panel: UN and the Fall of Srebrenica

In July of 2005 on the 10th anniversary of the massacre in Srebrenica, a panel at the United Nations Headquarters composed of journalists and international officials convened in order to discuss Srebrenica, the UN, the failure of the international community and the greater implications for peacekeeping.

The panel, takes you back to the emotion and the events of July 1995. But, beyond just giving viewers a "you are there" view at Srebrenica through the eyes of journalists and international officials; the panel raises many difficult but necessary questions on the UN failure, "moral equivalency" and the incompetence of the international community.

It also goes without saying that the issues of the UN and international peacekeeping are more relevant today than ever given the situation in places like Darfur and other "hot spots."

The United Nations and the Fall of Srebrenica
scroll down to "July 7th" A link to the video can be found there. The video runs approx. 1hr 35 min


Srebrenica Massacre said...

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