Friday, September 22, 2006

Around the World in One Post or Less

News from other corners of the globe...

April date tentatively chosen for former Liberian President and war crimes suspect, Charles Taylor. I wonder what Taylor's good friend and resident crack head in chief of the far right fundamentalist set, Marion "Pat" Robertson would have to say about this?

Musharraf, the US promised to bomb Pakistan to the stone age, in the days following the September 11th attacks
Bush, naturally is "taken aback" by said threat against Pakistan.

What if there was a coup and no one cared?

And if you need any additional reasoning, besides the Geneva convention and the fact that there has been no proof of its effectiveness as to why torture to gain confessions should not be condoned...falsely accused man sent to Syria to be tortured, courtesy of the US and Canadian governments.

And unless you've been living in a cave the past few days...
White House and Senate Republicans reach agreement regarding torture

Want your book to jump a few spots on Just get Hugo "Bush is the devil" Chavez to promote it at the UN !


Owen said...

Assuming that what Musharraf says here can be trusted, to talk of bombing a country "back to the Stone Age" revealed a pre-Stone Age level of moral and intellectual development, irrespective of how terrible the events on September 11th were.

Owen said...
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Owen said...

Sorry, duplicated the comment.