Thursday, September 21, 2006

Articles: Karadzic Movie Fever!

Google has 89 articles on the new Richard Gere searches for Karadzic film.

Some highlights (that I haven't found on other blogs (knock of wood ;) )

Gere asks to meet with Karadzic. Spoiler: He doesn't.

Gere says Bosnian film raises questions about why war crimes suspects still at large My guess is a dedicated support group of people to hide Karadzic, lack of real will on the part of the international community to find Karadzic (there seems to be much more effort put into finding Mladic; which perhaps makes sense since we have a better idea of where he is, etc.)

Gere upset war criminals elude justice.

And in case you were curious who they have slated to play Karadzic...
Bosnia host film on catching Karadzic, without Karadzic.
The "Karadzic" character is not based on the actual Karadzic, but rather a composite of various people from the Bosnian war and other wars. I wonder if they'll have his pen romance novels, a la, Hussein?


Srebrenica Massacre said...

actually, the movie will not be about Karadzic, it will be about reporter hunting for war crimes suspect.

Shaina said...

yeah, that is what the last article alluded too.

I'm sure it will allow the producers to have more creative licesing with the "war criminal" character instead of having it based strictly on Karadzic.

One def. plus is that the movie has already led to more press articles on the real Karadzic, and why he hasn't been captured yet.

Bg anon said...

I read an interview with Gere. He said that upon arrival one of the first things he asked was whether he could meet with Karadzic.

I half feel this is a normal type of question and half feel that he's a complete moron for asking.

Shaina said...

I laughed at his asking to meet Karadzic.

Owen said...

Not so stupid, really. It's a public expression of interest for anyone who so chooses to interpret as an opportunity to turn a penny or two.

It's not hard to imagine that Gere and Hollywood would be happy to come up with more than a measly Hague $5 million if they got a result.