Thursday, September 21, 2006

Article: Silajdzic and Ethnic Regions

Overview of an interview Haris Silajdzic gave:

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The two have made small concession to central government, such as uniting their armies. But the Serbs have blocked further reforms they see as threatening the powers of the Serb Republic.

They say Silajdzic's proposal masks an attempt to give Muslims, some 50 percent of Bosnia's population, a chance to translate their numerical advantage into domination, turning Bosnia into an "Islamist state".

Falling back on the old "Muslim extremists" who want to turn Bosnia into an "Islamic State" routine is getting really old.


Bg anon said...

Quite, although I would have preferred a direct quotation from a senior Bosnian Serb politician rather than the interpreted generalisation that all Bosnian Serbs think Bosniaks want to turn Bosnia into an Islamic State.

Another bit I dont understand is how Tihic is 'more moderate' and the 'Wests favourite'. Some of his recent statements, even in the light of elections, do not show much moderation at all.

Obviously there are limits to my knowledge of contemporary Bosnia.

On a lighter point I didnt realise that Silajdzic was already 61 - he still looks younger.

Owen said...

Dayton served a very important purpose - it stopped the killing. But the territorial settlement rewarded a criminal enterprise and the constitutional arrangement perpetuated division and impunity instead of respectful coexistence and an effective justice system.