Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Activism: Dani Magazine

Perhaps it is a bit odd to use the term "activism" to describe a political magazine; in light of the fact that my previous 'activist' labels have been used to describe human rights activists and social organizations. But, in its own way, I view the Sarajevo based "Dani" magazine as a form of actvism, as representing (In my very humble opinion) the best of the Bosnian media.

Dani is certainly not without faults, but it is a very well respected magazine, and in my opinion, deservedly so.
Like the magazine Slobodna Bosna, Dani, is an independent magazine that usually investigates the stories that the other papers won't touch. Including stories of corruption, crime, and politics (and sometimes all three rolled into one).
This naturally, has made Dani the enemy of hardliners; and as a result the Dani office has been broken into, and their editor, Senad Pecanin has faced both physical threats and legal action.

Beyond the fact that I admire their bravery in investigating stories; From the articles I have read, I also enjoy the writing of their staff. They seem to find a new angle for various events and themes happening in Bosnian and World politics.

Independent, non nationalist and politically and socially conscientious, Dani represents some of the best of what the Bosnian media has to offer.

Official Website
Magazine Covers Index The early issues remind me of the independent 'zines I used to see up in Madison, Wisconsin.

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