Thursday, October 12, 2006

FENA News updates

Tourism up in Sarajevo
This is certainly good news.

Silajdzic in London Did anyone catch him on the BBC program "Hard Talk"?

And other non FENA sourced updates:

160 victims from Srebrenica found

UN rejects Croatia's "amicus curiae" brief for the Herceg-Bosna trial
I don't think that comes as a surprise.


Owen said...

I notice that the International Commission is quoted as referring to "up to 8,000 Muslim men" and the AP article repeats this upper limit figure. I haven't seen any reference anywhere to a downgrading of the minimum figure of 8106 with a likely figure of something over 8500.

Owen said...

I hadn't heard of Hard Talk, but it turns out it's the flagship news programme on BBC World and BBC News 24, which I don't get.

Bg anon said...

And did you notice the headline?!
'Yugoslav tribunal rejects Croatian Bid'

I wonder if the hack was having a joke with us, if not perhaps he / she should have been more careful with the Headline - the tribunal isnt a Yugoslav one, its a UN one.

If I was at the tribunal I'd be extremely wary of this Croatian government effort to defend each Croat as if it incriminated the whole country.

Big deal Franjo Tudjman wanted to carve up Bosnia with Slobodan Milosevic. I mean this is pretty common knowledge and its not as if Bosnia will ever take Croatia to the international court (as they are doing with Serbia) for this.
So its just purely a matter of admitting that this was Franjo's plan - that doesnt make all Croats supporters of a Greater Croatia.
But, no, even years after its all over God forbid that anybody call into the question the first ever leader of an independent Croatia. Give me strength.

This lot are behaving like heebie jeebie crowd of fanatical nationalists. But I think that less and less Croatians feel that way so can only conclude that the government is out of touch with its people.

Srebrenica Massacre said...

Hi Owen,

Where does the media get their information? Their info sources are so weak, they still refer to Bosniaks as "Muslims" as nationality.

Media sucks.

Srebrenica Massacre said...

bf_anon said: "he tribunal isnt a Yugoslav one, its a UN one."

Hey, media sucks. They still refer to Bosniaks as "Muslims" by nationality.