Friday, October 20, 2006

Genocide Survivors Call For Action in Darfur


Meanwhile, a conference is being organised in London, bringing together survivors from genocides throughout the past 60 years, Mr Smith told the BBC.

"From the Holocaust in Europe, when six million Jews were killed by the Nazis, to survivors from Bosnia, from Rwanda, from the genocide in Cambodia, and, indeed, survivors from Darfur itself," Mr Smith said.

The survivors insist that the EU leaders step up pressure against the Sudanese government, accusing them of being "bystanders" to the mass killing in Darfur.

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Daniel said...

6 million killed do not include only Jews, they include all people who were killed during Nazi Holocaust, including communists, homosexuals, disabled, even over 100,000 Bosniaks.

Let's not politicize this issue and let's pay respect to all victims.

Shaina said...


I'm not sure I understand. How do Mr. Smith's comments "politicize" anything?

Owen said...

Daniel, he's talking about genocide, so while not belittling the systematic murder of many members of stigmatised groups it's not "politicising" the issue to refer specifically to that part of the Nazis' activities that constitutes "acts committed with intent to destroy , in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group".

What your somment suggests is that a new treaty or a modified version of the Genocide Convention should be called for that would expand the definition of genocide or devise a new term that would encompass attempts to destroy other groups. Has this ever been discussed at interntaional level, anyone?