Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Justwatch-L Articles

From Justwatch-L, Algeria backs reconstruction of Mosques, Cathedrals, and Orthodox Churches in BiH.


NetherlandsCriticises Approaches To Serbia

Glisic sentenced to 2 1/2 years for crimes against civilians

Looks like Arkan wasn't the only ultra-nationalist paramilitary leader with mafia connections!
(I don't know if this is old news or not, but it is the first I've ever heard of it.)
BTW: it seems as if many of those accused of war crimes in the Balkans are also connected to the mafia. There was an article on the Domovina website by Slobodna Bosna where they mentioned how many of the former "war lords" who once fought against each other, were now working with each other in the drug, sex trade and other illegal activities.


Owen said...

So if I read that article correctly, the ICTY was a safe haven for Seselj?

Bg anon said...

Well you have to take what Bugsy says with a pinch of salt.

Its tempting to believe that he's right and he may be but Bugsy has been trying to save his own skin since the court process began.

There were suspicions that the current governing party DSS were trying to use Zemun figures to point the finger at their rivals who led DOS, Zoran Djindjics Democratic Party. This involved a campaign to discredit the most radical reformer Cedomir Jovanovic (who apparantly visited Spasojevic's house).

Jovanovic said that he did so under instructions from Djindjic when it became clear that DOS / Djindjic could not control / arrest the crime gang who had grown so powerful. Months later Djindjic was assasinated.

But now the easy target is the Serbian Radical Party. Yes, its not like they dont deserve this and yes it could be true but for me Bugsy's testimony alone isnt enough.

However, I do remember that Seselj himself was pretty well informed about goings on in the underworld. Occasionally he would make a statement pointing the finger at a criminal and it turned out he was not only the first to say this in public but he was right too. Other times he was wrong but thinking about it when he was wrong his information tended to sow discord between Kostunica and Djindjic. For example a certain Gavrilovic was assasinated whilst apparantly on his way to DSS (Kostunica) headquarters. He was allegedly bearing information about corruption in the DOS government (Democratic Party) Seselj came out in public with information that this murder was carried out on the orders of the Democratic Party.

Later we find out the most likely suspects murderers were in fact the Zemun gang themselves.


On the Dutch who want a hard line against Serbia. One has to decide does he want to influence change or does he want to punish?
If it becomes clear that increased pressure doesnt have any impact then there is little point in increasing the pressure. Of course it doesnt mean that you let the (in this case) country away with it. You freeze the situation and talk about the good things that will happen once that country acts responsibility. Behind the scenes you up the pressure too or influence the situation.

And face it, it seems pretty extraordinary that this kind of sentiment is being expressed only weeks before elections are planned. What impact might that have? Would a radical party led government make it more or less likely that Mladic is handed over to the Hague?

Kirk Johnson said...

While the last article--which Owen and bg anon are commenting on--was the most interesting of the bunch, I hope we don't overlook to positive statement being made by Algeria's government. True, it's only a symbolic gesture, but it is some potentially powerful symbolism.

Owen said...

Thanks Bg Anon for that tour round the highways and byways of murky Seseljia - I was wondering whether you'd all disappeared along with Belgrade Blog itself.

Kirk, the news would be more inspiring if the Algerian government was better known for its wider humanitarian concern.

Srebrenica Massacre said...

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Shaina said...

Hi Dan,

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I really think the problem might be AOL based, because I never had the problem before I got AOL.

Kirk Johnson said...

Owen--yes, I suppose this can be seen as a more cynical move on the part of a regime with a pretty shoddy record. I was looking at it from the angle of a Muslim country making a symbolic gesture towards the two main Christian communities. Don't forget that Saudi money paid for some new mosques in Bosnia, which troubles some people.

Still, point taken--I was being a little Pollyannesque there.

Owen said...

Kirk, it's better to be hopeful than cynical.

Anonymous said...

At the begining of it's independance Algeria was a very promising new country!

The French in Algeria committed terrible attrocities against the Algerian people, including rape as a means of war, and the Algerian government recognized the victims as 'Martyrs of the Revolution'

I've had the privlege of knowing some Algerian people years ago, they were really nice people, and it's sad what's happened since in that country.

I think it's sad what's happened since.