Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Anniversary!!!

6 years ago a popular uprising led to the toppling of the Milosevic regime.



Daniel (click me) said...


I was the saddest person on the planet when Milosevic passed away. I wanted to see him convicted so much, but he cheated the justice.

Owen said...

Something a bit odd here. Shaina, Daniel, Katja, anyone else at Blogger, be careful. The day before yesterday I went to have a look at "I want to fly a hang glider across the UK", one of the less politically contentious blogs that I read and I found that Shola has had his blog address hijacked by a nonsense blog in the US called Denver Ki Aikido. Shola's told me that Blogger are being less than helpful. I don't know how this is done or what you can do to protect yourself but be aware it can happen.

Owen said...

I guess one precaution that might be worth taking is ensuring that the blog contents are archived somewhere else as well (counsel of perfection - ie more blank-blank backing-up to forget to do!)

Srebrenica Massacre said...


"...I found that Shola has had his blog address hijacked by a nonsense blog in the US called Denver Ki Aikido. Shola's told me that Blogger are being less than helpful."

I have similar problem. When you search my blog, you also get results of another Srebrenica genocide denial blog in my blog's search result listings. This is a serious bug that is going on with / . I emailed them and asked to fix this, they never responded.

My blog's address is "" and other blog (Srebrenica genocide denial blog called "") appears in my search results. This is a serious issue, and is doing nothing about it.

Owen said...

Dan, what's happened to Shola isn't someone putting up a diversionary site, they've actually taken over his address at Blogger. The first I found out was when I got a message from FeedBlitz telling me there was a post at "I want to fly ..." and when I clicked on the link I found myself at "Denver Ki Aikido".

Kirk Johnson said...

Dan, that site is pretty gruesome. It's pretty clear, too, that the similarity in title is no accident.

Thanks, though, for bringing it to our attention. Looking at that blog and the others done by this guy, he clearly has drank the revisionist Koolaid.

Peter Robert North said...

"Daniel Lam", the only real Srebrenica genocide "denier" and "revisionist" on the internet is YOU with your foul-mouthed,full of your COWARDLY gutter and toilet profanity "anonymous" messages you kept leaving on Neil Craig's blogs as well as my own - until we banned your peurile "anonymous" gutter filth and profanity.

You are all over the web giving us your version of events in defense of your "heroes": the genocidal Islamist Nazi Izetbegovic and Naser Oric - whom you defend by DENYING that both ever perpetrated any kind of massacres against thousands of Serbian civilians in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995 - as well as massacres against their own fellow moderate Non-Islamist & anti-Fascist muslims led by Fikret Abdic - along with those "revisionist" friends of Islamist Nazi terrorists in Iraq & Afghanistan: the traitorous Liberal-Leftist media, who hate President Bush with a passion because of his war on Islamist terror worldwide and nominal support of Israel.

I note how both you and your Islamist friends on the web have taken the REAL "revisionist" version of events spewed forth by the Islamist Nazis against Israel and US forces in Iraq - accusing both Israel and the US of "genocide" and "war crimes" against Arab civilians whilst totally ignoring the Islamist Nazi genocides and terror bombings perpetrated by your Islamist Jihadist Nazi friends in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Your hatred of Israel and the Jews, your foul mouthed gutter profanity against those whom disagree with your Islamo-Fascist views and your staunch support of Islamist Nazi terrorists in Bosnia such as Naser Oric against civilian Chritian Orthodox Serbs and likewise your support for the enemies of Israel - the suicide bombers and terrorists like Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO/Fatah et al, speaks volumes about your character and who the REAL genocide "denier" and "revisionist" truly is.

Peter Robert North said...

What the Liberal-Leftist media do not show about the so-called "beautiful religion" of Islam: