Thursday, October 05, 2006

US Evangelicals join campaign to keep Kosovo in Serbia

Not being content blaming the world's ills on "liberals" gays, working mothers, Catholics, Muslims, small towns in Pennyslvania and canoodling with war criminals (Robertson); US Evangelicals, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have decided to use their influence to try to keep Kosovo in Serbia.

Bishop Artemije, the most senior Orthodox cleric in Kosovo, said the two Christian broadcasters had promised to alert their followers and exert their influence.

"They point out that they have friends at the highest level of government and will urge them to help us so that Kosovo remains in the borders of Serbia," he said.

Diplomats in Washington say that whipping up Christian fervour in the US reflects the increasingly vitriolic and intolerant debate within Kosovo that occasionally spills over into violence.

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Bg anon said...

Well speaking from a realpolitik point of view this is too little and too late.

From a personal point of view that overly religious lot give me the heebie jeebies. I dont think that appealing to the 'ordinary man's' prejudices of things alien or foreign is the best method to try to change US policy. Mind you Bush is in charge so you can hardly blame them for thinking the intollerant method might work!

For sure there are huge human rights problems in todays Kosovo. For sure Kosovo / Kosova will be a basket case that will need millions of Euros / dollars in aid from Western countries.
For sure crime syndicates in Kosovo operate largely unimpeded.

But Islamic fundamentalism? Give me a break. They said the same thing would happen in Bosnia when it became indepedent and that didnt materialise.

For sure things in Bosnia may not be a picnic but mad mullahs and Bin Laden are certainly not in charge.

Bg anon said...

PS Happy October 5th. Today we celebrate 6 years since the fall of Sloba.

If only he had fallen back before this date.

Anonymous said...

Right on bg anon!

As someone who lives in a town over run with people who think well of Pat Roberson and Jerry Falwell, I am not happy. I think the Serbian people will find this 'help' worse than no help.
I do not think their involvement or the involvement of their ignorant followers who could not find Kosovo on a map is going to help and yes Happy October 5th, guess what, go look at Jugoslavija, Seesaw reminds us all that this is the anniversary of Ivo Andric being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature!

Shaina said...

bg anon, thanks for the info about the anniversary.

Owen said...

Katja, what do the people you know in FY think about Andric and the picture he draws?

Anonymous said...

I haven't had any face to face conversations about Ivo Andric, the people I know online seem to regard him as a great writer and seem to give him a pass on his political views.

Srebrenica Massacre said...

US evangelicals are nutcases who blame evils of this world on Muslims, homosexuals, and lesbians. And sometimes on women wearing short skirts.

Owen said...

Sadly World Monuments Fund have Mehmet Pasha Bridge in Visegrad, Andric's Bridge, as one of the World's hundred most endangered monuments -

Anonymous said...

Actually you should see how Evangelicals in the U.S. dress for church! They DO wear short skirts! So do most Americans who call themselves Christians. I'm not blaming the evils of the world on
this, just pointing out that they tend to have the 'come as you are' idea about how to look at church.
It's as if pastors are afraid to even mildly suggest such a rejection of fashion lest the collection plate be lighter!

Most Christian American women seem woefully ignorant of the Christian teachings about modesty, even maybe especially, Evangelicals.
Worse yet, they take any suggestion toward modesty as oppression and they tend to see anywone who actually observes modest dress as part of spiritual practice as being oppressed.