Thursday, October 12, 2006

A unique perspective on Sarajevo

This article is from 2004, and it is pretty random, but it is a very nice article:

Sarajevo Recalls Olympic Glory

I love figure skating, and I remember at the 1994 Lillehammer Games, Torvill and Dean skated their "Bolero" program that earned them the Olympic Gold and perfect artistic marks across the board in Sarajevo as a special exhibition in Lillehammer.

It is touching that the skaters still seem touched by their experiences in Sarajevo.


Owen said...

The 1984 Olympics ice skating was on UK TV quite a lot because everyone was expecting T&D to do well and of course because they were British and very ordinary straightforward people who had a very good relationship with the public the presenters were concentrating on them.

Although "interpretative" ice dance wasn't at all my cup of tea we knew T&D were a bit special so I remember paying attention when their routine started. And it was absolutely extraordinary - it really felt like you were being lifted up onto another plane watching them.

The Bolero routine was the most horrendous melodramatic slush but T&D's performance was something absolutely exceptional. The only parallel I can think of is the first time I heard Winton Marsalis play the trumpet.

So instead from being the place where World War I started Sarajevo became the place where that glorious moment happened. Which made the grim images of the siege even more poignant.

Srebrenica Massacre said...

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Bg anon said...

Yes I remember the 84 Olympics well and the pride that Yugoslavia and Bosnia took in it.

Many a Sarajevan will go misty eyed if they are old enough to remember the event.

Those were the days...

Srebrenica Massacre said...

Yes, Sarajevo was beautiful during Olympics, but it's 100 times more beautiful now, with new buildings, infrastructure, architecture etc, it's a trully beautiful modern european city where different religions co-exist in peace.

Anonymous said...

well I remember watching the 1984 Olympics in San Francisco, my kids were in the room, Ivan the Terrible must have always been a leg man, he loved the figure skating! He's ALWAYS watched it from that time! :) and he was just a little guy, and I remember pointing out some of the cool stuff in Sarajevo to the kids, and saying'Too bad the place is Communist, I'd go there in a heart beat!' I only had a black and white TV but still the film was amazing, and of course we all watched the skiing, I've never done skiing, never gone beyond riding a sled down a snowy hillside road but still the beauty of the mountains and watching the skiing is always a thrill.

Shaina said...


thanks for your advice-I'll try to fix my computer this weekend.