Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The Democrats have taken control of the House. According to the IHT this could be a roadblock to the Bush administration's agenda.
While having control of the House is not unsignificant, IMO, it would be a mistake to assume that because the Democrats have control of the House, this is going to be as much of a "roadblock." For one, the President has Veto power. Secondly, this is an administration with a very strong Executive branch. And finally, there is still the Senate.

The Senate right now, is too close to call, although it *looks* like it might go to the Democrats. The race is coming down to Virginia with Democrat James Webb in a slight lead. George Allen has promised us we can all look forward to the joy of a recount.

As it happened in the 1994 mid term election (albeit to a much smaller extent) the "winning" party was helped by voters on the political fence and moderates.

The war in Iraq and corruption were the issues that voters felt were most important; and helped swing the victory in the favor of the Democrats.
Perhaps most interesting, according to the exit poll, Republicans have lost their edge on the fighting terrorism issue. Which the Republicans have traditionally been strong in.

Of course, the victory for the Democrats stems less from I think support for the policies of the Democrats, and more disagreement with the policies of the Bush administration; and the recent scandals which hit the Republicans.

Illinois politics usually tends to be pretty corrupt and depressing-especially Cook County Board Politics; although our gubernatorial politics is absolutely no stranger to corruption or shady dealings as well!
I am upset that Tammy Duckworth lost the House seat to Peter Roskam. I really thought Roskam had no chance of winning. I know he was the incumbent; which traditionally means smooth sailing, but I just find his politics way too far to the right for me. Not to mention, I was really put off by some of his campaign ads against Duckworth.


Katja said...

Well since you put this up, Rummy has resigned, and yes there probably will be a recount in the race you mention, but the main thing is the House decides about money matters and there's more Democrat governors which makes it less likely that the Republicans can totally rig the next election.
As well, lobbying reform will probably go through. That above all is what we NEED so badly here! :)

Shaina said...

I wrote this post before Rumsfeld resigned. It looks like the Democrats taking control of both Houses is having more of an impact than I first thougt it would.

I liked Nancy Pelosi's plans of actions for January, I hope they can get them implimented!

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Bg anon said...

Its almost too pathetic to watch. I know all politics is most theatre but is this Bush really the same (idiot) Bush who had such a hardline stance or Iraq and supported Rummy 100 percent?

God they are really pathetic, never let truth get in the way of a Presidency right - well until its too late, then you might as well lay your cards on the table :(

Shaina said...


How are the elections being precieved in Serbia?
I know Serbia just had the referendum, and are having elections coming up in (December?); so there may not have that much coverage on the US midterms; or even the desire to cover it.
But, from what is out there (media, popular opinion (from what you can tell) what is the reaction like in Belgrade?


Bg anon said...

There isnt much in Serbia about the US elections (we now have our own elections to look forward to in January 21 in a critical make or break period for Serbia).

But what there is - the context is of course, Iraq. Armchair commentators are saying that this defeat that Bush is suffering is due almost entirely to foreign policy. I'm not so certain. The goggles that we all wear (provided mostly by the countries we live in and their media) looking at other nations, rarely provide the proper infomrmation.

I cant help but suspect that although Iraq is a major factor, that well, many rational Americans do not vote on one issue - that there are other important issues such as the economy, education or medi care that Bush may have failed on. Of course I dont have enough time to look into this more deeply but think I know a thing or two about human nature :)

I think one has to move around and live in a few foreign countries to see this goggle effect properly. The distortion can provide for an ill informed view on any number of topics. To give an example a right wing rag like Kurir might sound the alarm bells about the democrats and list 5 reasons, for example why Serbs should be afraid of democrats in power - ethnic cleansing of Krajina, bombardment of Serbia, recognition of Bosnia, Kosovo.... and so on..

Amongst the more intelligent analysis vis a vis Serbia there is a view that US policy toward Serbia will not change. I think this is true and is a message that needs to be understood. ie that Serbia need not fear a Democratic control polity or whitehouse due to recent history of US democrat policy and other policies not seen as pro Serbia - to put it lightly.

There may be some minor changes though on Serbia, which I hope will be good ones!

Shaina said...

Thank you, I was wondering what the analysis would be in light of the wars and events in the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

I just heard from my fiance this morning and he is very happy about the elections.

Anonymous said...

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