Friday, December 15, 2006

Article: Inner Termoil in the SDA

Okay, the actual title of the article is, "Right Wing Fails to Topple Centrist SDA Chief" but that seemed rather long for a post title.

The article is the first in-depth look I've seen at least, at the inner dealings, termoils of party politics in Bosnia.

Question regarding the "rightwing" and "center" wings of the SDA, is the issue of the RS and constitution reform the only issue that divides them?
Or, are there other policy, economic, social issues which also causes a rift between two factions of the SDA?

Thanks for any insights.


Anonymous said...

I would bet other matters are divisive, like whether to allow shari'a law, and if yes how much? Foreign relations, economy, I can think of all sorts of issues they might argue about.

Daniel said...

I am not sure that SDA is the best party for future of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Voting should had been private.