Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ICTY Articles

Two articles on subjects related to the ICTY.

First, blurbs from a press conference with BiH Presidency Chairman, Nebojsa Radmanovic in which he outlines the Presidency's support for keeping the ICTY open past the 2010 deadline.

Secondly, a report (which I haven't read yet) from HRW on the Milosevic trial, focusing on both Serbia's role in the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and on the trial of Milosevic himself.


Just wondering said...

Shaina, have you noticed that Srebrenica Genocide Blog barely opens? Maybe revisionists/deniers are attacking the blog with denial of service attacks?

Daniel said...

Serbs celebrated 9/11

"America, you got what you deserved!... You will get even more!" proclaim nationalist Serbs

watch this hate-filled video here

Disgusting that anybody would celebrate murder of 2,000 totally innocent people who died during 9/11 attacks.

Daniel said...

Here is one more link of Serb nationalist celebration of terrorist attacks on the US:

Bg anon said...

daniel I think you ought to spend less time on the net with those types of people. Its obviously having an effect on you as well.

Daniel said...

Hi bgannon,

In fact, that's all the time I spend on YouTube.

And I was absolutely shocked to see young people from Serbia gloryifying Seselj, Arkan, Milosevic, Karadzic, Mladic, burning of Sarajevo, celebration of Srebrenica massacre etc, etc.

All these things are behind us, and I (for one) look to future.

In fact, let me tell you one thing, after I browsed some of their nationalistic videos, I feld good about myself, because I look forward to future, and they are still in the past.

For me, a decent human being is the one who recognizes Srebrenica Genocide, not the one who celebrates it. I would never go and celebrate murder of Serbs in Jasenovac.

Shaina said...

I'm having no problem opening up the Srebrenica-Genocide blog.

And it s a shame and pretty screwed up, when anyone, race, religious, ethnic, political alliance, sexuality, gender, whatever celebrates the murder of any human being.