Thursday, December 21, 2006


From SB: "SDS Hardline Faction Trying To Regain Power."

Arizona men to be indicted for Srebrenica crimes

and related article from Newsday.

And for the annual, where's Ratko update:
"Mladic was hiding in plain site, trial suggests."

RS government has action plan for cooperation with the Hague.


Daniel said...

I am glad they arrested them. I will be soon publishing my opinion.

If you want to see more faces of evil that were arrested in the US, use "Phoenix" keyword search on my blog.

Daniel said...

Hey, interesting:

Muslims in the European Union - you can download it here,

It's definitel worth readity (if the above link is broken, copy/paste it into your browser)

Happy Reading!

daniel said...

try this one:

Shaina said...

Thanks for the European Union report. I just finished reading the highlights; will read the entire report when I have more time.