Monday, January 08, 2007

And Then There Were Three

Article (in Bosnian) about a new proposal by the IC and the Federation to create three large regions within the Federation; instead of the 10 smaller regions they have now.
The proposal would give the Bosnian-Croats more control over one of the three regions; while Bosniaks would have control over the other two regions within the Federation.


Marin said...

P.S. There's a typo on your website lists. It is "sevdalinka" :)

Shaina said...

Thanks for catching that!
I fixed it.

Daniel said...

wow, I think that is a great suggestion and Bosniaks and Croats must work on it.

Current 10 cantons are too expensive as each canton has it's own government, it's ridicolous.

I think creating only three regions would be great, considering that we (Bosniaks) need to join territories in Central Bosnia with territories in Western Bosnia.

Anonymous said...

there won´t be any changes of dayton, be that science-fiction (no rs) or this.

the inability of selfruling of rest"bosnia" is a very important stone for the future.

because when the west leaves, go´s out of money and starts looking on all of their lost wars and war crimes around the world, of course also the rest of western serbia or actually the krajina will be liberated.

that will be the day when dayton will be changed, and not one day earlier.


Marin said...

Yes, and it is 2007 and planet Earth, where are you from? :)

Kirk Johnson said...

I don't think ethnic Serbs in Bosnia need more "liberation." They need a stable, efficient central government, a healthy, open civil society, and a vital and growing national economy. Like everybody else, they need Bosnia to be integrated and functional.

But apocalyptic dreams of grand crusades and national martyrdom is so much sexier to some, eh?

Anonymous said...

kirk nobody cares and nobody is asking you about your thoughts about other people.

stop dreaming of bosnia, a state that doesn´t exist now for 12 years and never will.

you should use your energy and thoughts about the war crimes of your country (current and old).

i´d love you to go to irak and tell them what you think. hopefully you´ll get there what you deserve.

both post-bosnian states are overrun and fed up with western losers that don´t have a life at home and therefore penetrate other peoples nerves.