Sunday, January 14, 2007

IWPR Update

US lacks confidence in Balkan courts. Article about the lack of confidence in Belgrade to try Karadzic and Mladic and possible options (such as trying them by a national court in a third country).

Bosnia: A House Divided The effects of ethnic cleansing continue to take their toll on the people of Bosnia.

On the other hand; according to this article prisoners from all three major ethnic groups in Bosnia have joined together in a hunger strke; demanding that they be tried under Yugoslav's more lenient criminal code.

Prosecution asks for life for Martic

You can read a summary of Martic's last address to the court (which apparently includes an "inappropriate remark about “someone’s pants") here.

New Sarajevo Siege Trial (Dragomir Milosevic)

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Marin said...

I disagree that ex-Yugoslav courts are much lenient. Take a look at some of the sentences given to war criminals in the Hague. Biljana Plavšić god 7 or 9 years, I am not sure. Not to name others, IMHO both courts are not doing their job. Yugoslavian or International, same sh**.