Saturday, January 27, 2007

Holocaust Remembrance Day

As I was reminded at the Gulag; today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

There are many ways to commemorate the occassion; in Tuzla; there is a monument of a tear drop for all genocide victims. The book "Auschwitz: A New History" by Laurence Rees is an excellent book in terms of both scholarship and writing style. This book is particularly important as today is also the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.

But, perhaps the best way to commemorate the Holocaust, is to remember that genocide is not horror confined to the past.


Kirk Johnson said...

Thanks for the important reminder.

Daniel said...

Yes, I learned it from , here is the article in Bosnian language

As per Holocaust database, close to 3 million Jews died in the Holocaust, which is by all means CATASTROPHIC human tragedy !

Here is The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names with names of close to 3 million Jews perished in the Holocaust:

The database contains only names, and no other identifiable information was presented, which will probably serve as another excuse for holocaust deniers to continue denying holocaust. Sad !

Shaina said...

Thanks for the Yad Vashem list.
I'm having trouble accessing it right now though.
Of course, it is impossible to document every single person who was killed in the Holocaust; one reason of course is that in many cases entire villages were decimated by the Nazis; so there is no written or oral record; and no living relatives to submit the names of family or friends.
However, because the number of people murdered by the Nazis was so astronomical, it is easy to just to refer to them as a statistic and lose site of the human castastrophe. 6 million plus is an almost incomprehensible number to digest; yet being able to see the names-even an incomplete list shows the human face behind the genocide and the enormous human toll that the Holocaust has taken.