Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Serbian Elections: SRS, EU, Nationalism, Bosnia and all that jazz.

Paul B. Miller, an American professor teaching in Sarajevo, offers his perspective on the results of the recent Serbian elections.

And although most people have probably already this article by now, Eric Gordy of East Ethnia Blog, offers up his interpretation on the Serbian Elections at Open Democracy.


Owen said...

Murky stuff on BBC2 Newsnight tonight. Fergal Keane is investigating the allegations that Paul Kagame was responsible for shooting down Habyarimana's plane.

FK interviewed a witness (ex bodyguard) who said that Kagame approved the plan submitted by a man called Lisende, and under the UN ceasefire RPF soldiers allowed into Kigali smuggled anti-aircraft missiles purchased by Rwanda from the Soviet Union one of which brought the plane down.

Ex Defence Minister[?] says RPF soldiers boasted of killing Habyarimana.

Kagame is dismissive of Judge Brughiere - doesn't pretend he wasn't happy Habyarimana was killed.

FK also investigated claims that Brughiere was using witnesses to get intelligence information on situation between Uganda and Rwanda.

FK notes the poisoned history - Mitterand providing Habyarimana's murderous regime with training and other assistance against Kagami.

French claim they tried to avoid genocide, Kagame has little concern for accusation by the French that he is a war criminal.

Richard Goldstone says he thinks it is a political accusation and he doesn't feel evidence supports the accusation.

Kagame maintains he has no problem with an investigation by an independent judge.

FK notes that there's never been a proper investigation of the shooting down of the plane, Brughiere's allegations open up an opportunity if the will is there.

Shaina said...

Thanks for the news; whether Kagame is responsible for killing Habyarimana or not; that doesn't deter from the full responsiblity of the genocide from being on the shoulders of the Hutu power extremists; who were planning genocide even before Habyarimana's plane crash.