Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Justice and Impunity

Human Rights Watch offers a report on the Bosnian War Crimes Chamber. Meanwhile over at Neretva River; Observer offers his take on Ratko Mladic's "miraculous disappearance from EU policy papers." While authorities in the Netherlands criticize the EU for the not being "strict enough with Serbia."
Back in Bosnia, Dodik says that he'd rather stay out of the EU than accept police reforms and the abolishment of the RS police force.
Meanwhile, a Bosnian court recently sentenced a former police officer/mafiaso to 26 years in prison for crimes relating to his second occupation.


Daniel said...

They are definitely not strict with Serbia enough. But again, nothing in this world functions as it is supposed to. Unless people have enough military power to defend themselves, they will never achieve justice.

Owen said...

Maybe you've seen this sad link that Yakima Gulag's posted?

Family in Bosnia describes Utah gunman as child of war and upheaval

ALMIR ARNAUT, Associated Press Writer

February 15, 2007 12:23 PM

TALOVICI, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) - Relatives of the Bosnian teen who shot and killed five people in a Salt Lake City mall said the boy's early life was marked by war and upheaval: The family fled Serb forces on foot when he was 4 and his grandfather was killed in the war.

Sulejman Talovic was a toddler when fighting broke out in Bosnia in 1992. Serb troops laid siege to the hamlet of Talovici in northeastern Bosnia, bombing it for a year before overrunning his home village in March 1993.


Daniel said...


He went through s$it in his life. I also went to s$it in my life. I suffered like Jesus Christ x 100. Actually, more. He suffered only for couple of hours, and I suffered for years. However, I never killed my fellow citizens. He did it. He took a gun and killed 4 innocent people. There is no justification for his actions.

Who knows, maybe he witnessed rape? Maybe his mother was raped by Serb fascists? Who knows... life is so miserable for some people, especially civilians in war zone. It's sickening. But taking gun and killing innocent fellow citizens is wrong, and he should have known better. There is no excuse for his violent behavior.

Daniel said...

Here is his photo when he was a child http://www.bosnjaci.net/aktuelnosti.php?id=693&polje=komentar

Owen said...

Dan, at the moment we have no idea whether the balance of his mind was disturbed and perhaps we never will. The law doesn't condemn the mentally ill. That's no consolation for the victims of course.

Daniel said...

When the Serbian militias arrived, Suljo hid in the hills. In the village, his family went without food for days at a stretch. Life was defined by explosions and gunfire. The family said Sulejman, then 4, had seen his baby sister die at home because of a lack of medicine. Some family members believed he had seen his grandfather’s execution, though there was disagreement over that…. In 2004, two classmates threatened Sulejman with a knife, his father said. His mother, frightened, then signed a form releasing him from attending school, the family said.

Read more… http://www.heraldtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070220/ZNYT02/702200674/1006/SPORTS