Friday, February 16, 2007

Editorial: Trading Genocide for Independence

Remember years ago when the Balkans were covered in "Wanted" posters featuring Karadzic and Mladic's mugs on them?
Yeah, well, it seems as if the one time "Most Wanted Men in the World" will continue to evade capture; as the EU has become much more lax over demands that Mladic be sent to the Hague; in exchange for Serbia not blocking Kosovo's "independence."


Daniel said...

It absolutely sickens me to see that in 2007 World is not more secure than in 1939. After Holocaust, they said "Never Again!". Then we had Genocide in Srebrenica - enclave under protection of U.N. troops. At or around the same time we had Genocide in Rwanda. Then, today, in 2007 we have ongoing Genocide in Sudan.

Mark my words --- World is incapable of coming together and resolving issues that face it. It seems that military power is used to kill and cause more misery in this world, and not to prevent mass scale massacres and genocides.

I am peace loving human being. But who the heck cares what I think? It seems that "peace" is bad word for sizeable majority of the World population.

Yakima_Gulag said...

I agree Daniel, it is sick and wrong. I do not think it's so much that peace is a bad word for the majority or even a sizeable portion of the world population, it's that the ruling classes in many places benefit from war, both in the short term and the long term, and they stir up matters to ensure continous war.
People who have suffered from war, due to loss of family members and homes are easy to stir up and lead to war, meanwhile what is left of their resources works it's way up to the rulers. The ruling classes think that a large population is a bad thing, and controlling said population by means of birth control on a voluntary basis they see as a bad thing too, because they want to maintain a patriarchal way of life because again it benefits them. Then they can sell lots of weapons, kill lots of people and take their stuff, and then the next generation can do the same thing. The people on the bottom are left confused and full of hate ready for the next war.
Even religion is subverted for this evil purpose, and I can think of no greater blasphemy.

Daniel said...

Most of the wars were fought for natural resources (land). Religions, ethnic differences, nationalism/radicalism, and other tools were used to achieve conquest of natural resources. War in Bosnia-Herzegovina was fought over territory. Hate against Bosniaks and Croats was used by Belgrade propaganda machine to stir up emotions of average Serb citizens and motivate them to kill and ethnically cleanse for the sake of Greater Serbia.

I hate to say this - but I am glad that Serbia is losing Kosovo. Let them experience at least a little bit of pain when national territory becomes carved up with "border lines".

Daniel said...

I have posted two comments with respect to revisionist/genocide denial work of Diana Johnstone, please comment @ Kirk's blog:

Owen said...

No, I think I disagree with you, Yakima Gulag, I think the problem is that the world is driven mainly by the imperative to short-term fixes, and that's what we're getting now - a short-term fix to buy a solution to Kosovo and the piece of small change that offers a cheap and convenient way out is Mladic.

Trade is simpler than war but there's always the compulsion to drive a better/cheaper bargain until eventually you squeeze the blood out of the stone.