Monday, February 26, 2007

Media Headlines

The interesting thing of a compromise verdict is not only that everyone can have a part of the verdict to agree or disagree with (or maybe even to agree or disagree with the entire judgment); but to see how the newspaper headlines cover such a mixed verdict, and what aspect they focused on, since there were many aspects of the verdict. Just a preliminary running of the headlines, most headlines focused on the acquittal on the genocide charge; with a good chunk also focusing on the failing to prevent and punish genocide.

Just a few sample headlines...

"Serbia not guilty in genocide trial."

"Serbia cleared of genocide charge over killing 8,000 at Srebrenica."

"Serbia Failed To Prevent Genocide."

and a headline which actually seems to get most factors of the verdict in the headline: "Serbia not directly guilty of Bosnian genocide, but failed to prevent it."

or this headline: "Serbia cleared in genocide, to a point."

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Bg anon said...

Yes, very telling indeed.

Well spotted actually, its easy to get carried away with the verdict and the judges findings and to forget that the media is obviously saying a lot about itself with its headlines.