Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NYT Article

An article from the NYT covering many different aspects of the ICJ verdict.
ICJ Article

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Daniel said...

ICJ also had one Serbian judge, the other judge was Russian... interesting composition.

And allegedly Serbian armed forces, including Yugoslav's People's Army, were somehow not considered to be under Serbian control.


Interesting that the World Court is located in Netherlands, same country who let Bosniak people of Srebrenica down and allowed genocide under it's watch... Same country who prepared biased NIOD report basically blaming both sides for carnages, etc...


Interesting how hard it is for us to prove our victimhood to Christian world.

Interesting that Christian judges voted against genocide, and Muslim judges voted for a judgment that Serbia committed genocide.

If World Court was in Egypt, or maybe UAE, or some other Muslim country, I am sure that the charge of genocide would be proven easier.

While I do accept judicial rulings, I honestly don't agree that the ICJ's decision was right. At least, Serbia should be held liable to pay for reparations - their tanks, amunitions and explosives destroyed Bosnia.

I accept verdict made by 15 international judges who voted, including russian judge, serbian judge ad hoc, china's judge and similar judges coming from anti-Bosnian countries... I accept it because I have appreciation for "justice", but this is not "justice", it's a sham.