Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New: Srebrenica Report

Brand new reports, including transcripts and clips from the a Dutch investigative news program on the events in Srebrenica and the role of the major international powers.

Voorhoeve, minister at the time of the fall, said Friday on radioprogramme Argos that the sole responsibility for the massacre lay withthe Bosnian-Serbian army leader Mladic and his people. But from the USside, there was no willingness to defend the enclave with air support,and this policy was supported by the British and French, he stressed.


Transcripts, Summaries, and clips from the news program.


Anonymous said...

Dear Shaina, my name is Bruno from Brazi, and I´m writing about Srebrenica. I would like to keep in touch to share some informations. Please, send me a mail, bruno.zizu@globo.com. Thank you.

Shaina said...

Hi Bruno, thanks for your interest in my blog. I've sent you an e-mail.

Owen said...

I don't want to come running to the defence of the US and the UK because I don't have any clear idea about what actually went on behind the scenes, but what has seemed to be the generally accepted argument is that the key figure in the failure to use airstrikes to deter the Serb incursion was Gen. Janvier and the unspoken reason for his failure to act was an alleged agreement with Mladic about French hostages. If I've got time I'll see if I can find out what the substance of Voorhoeve's remarks is.

Owen said...

Essentially the Argos programme's argument is that Dutchbat was unjustly blamed for not preventing the fall of Srebrenica and protecting the town's inhabitants. According to Joris Voorhoeve we're now aware that there was a strategy (agreed by the US, UK and France) not to react to a planned Serb attack on Srebrenica. The programme sees Srebrenica and Dutchbat as having been betrayed by the UN, because of the decision to provide only token air support, and implicitly by the NIOD, because of its conclusion that "the attack on Srebrenica was impossible to foresee and that therefore there was no foreknowledge concerning it".

The programme's producers and Joris Voorhoeve (Dutch Minister of Defence at the time of Srebrenica) put the case that the NIOD (Netherlands Institute for War Documentation)'s intelligence specialist Cees Wiebes ignored evidence of Serb plans to take Srebrenica, that the US, UK and France had taken a strategic decision not to defend the three eastern safe areas, and that the Netherlands was deliberately not informed of an impending threat until after Srebrenica had fallen.

The substance of some of the claims warrants consideration but reading through the translated transcripts I got the impression that the aim of the programme was to shift responsibility away from Dutchbat and their superiors (i.e. Voorhoeve and his government), blame the US, UK, and UN and stitch up Cees Wiebes and colleagues.

There are holes in the argument, a fair amount of spin, and the (Dutch, translated) comments on some of the German language interviews aren't supported by what the interviewee has said. I simply didn't trust what was being said, however much of what is said may be true and unspun.

There's some interesting information and if I can manage it I'll try and post a summary of the three transcripts.

Daniel said...

There was no willingness to spend 24 hours destroying Serb millitary compounds around Srebrenica and saving over 8,000 lives.... oh God... Let's use weapons to save lives as opposed to destroy lives.

Anonymous said...

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