Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Afternoon Reading

Puls Demokratije has added English translations to the May-June issue of their website.

In Jasmila Žbanić: Society With a Tumour ; the director of Grbavica is interviewed on the subject of BiH civil society and civil activism.

In De certified Police officers: A State Caught Between Human Rights and International Obligations ; Boris Topic discusses the issue of decertified police officers in the larger frame of post Dayton politics.

While in The Issue of Collective Responsibility, Sabina Čehajić writes about collective responsibility as being a necessary step for reconciliation.

And in (UN) creative Chaos: Legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valerija Galić, takes on legislative reform.


Srebrenica Massacre Editor said...

Actually, it's Grbavica, not Grbvica. It's a suburb of Sarajevo. There was a movie about it, check it out here:


This Bosnian girl was one of main actors:

Shaina said...

ugh. oops. my bad. thanks.

Dan said...

I wonder what was the point of Valerija Galic's article?

She didn't say anything new, she just described main points with respect to constitution of Bosnia-Herzegovina and added changes that occured... I guess it's a good article for beginners, but not for anyone closely advanced as Shai! Shai on her way of becoming Balkan expert.

I know you would enjoy to visit Bosnia. I spoke to my Serb friend today and he told me Mostar is the most beautiful city in the world (note: he is from Mostar). I asked him how come all those "jumpers" from Mostar's old bridge don't get heart attacks, because Neretva river is "extremely cold!" And he was like: "it's fine, you get used to it", hehehe... When I was a little boy, I visited place close to Mostar (it's Buna, it's in Mostar municipality) and I remember how cold Neretva was on a hot summer day! That river is always cold! I mean "extremely cold"! Forget about Mostar people saying that the river is like 12 degrees celsius. That's simply not true. Well, depends how you measure temperature. It might be 12 degrees Celsius if you put your measuring scale few centimetres into the water... but when you actually jump into it, holy God, it's insanely cold.

Dan said...

Shai, it's interesting that Bosniaks and Serbs can find more common ground when they actually communicate face to face, hehehe...

Shaina said...

I've seen pics of people jumping of the Mostar Bridge; and there is no way I could do that! LOL.

Daniel said...

Convicted Bosnian Serb war criminal/rapist escapes 9 Serb guards in Foca:


It's more than obvious that 9 Serb guards just "let him go".

Daniel said...

Shai, please check my latest email about Haris Silajdzic. I also sent you transcripts... Haris Silajdzic's answer to Serb propagandist (from Serbian Unity Congress) was excellent.

Daniel said...

Check this out Shai:

War Crimes Convict Escapes from Foca Prison


Sick Serb society in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I bet they consider this rapist a hero, just as majority of them consider Karadzic and Mladic heroes. No wonder Serb guards let this beast go.

Owen said...

I hit my head on the bottom of the local swimming baths diving in from theside and it's been suggested that explains a lot about me. I'd hate to think of doing the same thing after coming off the bridge at Mostar. How deep is the river bed at that point?

Ed has another post up today about his visit to Mostar, including a side trip to Medjugorje.