Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Preview: Djindjic verdict will leave unanswered questions

The trial of Djindjic's alleged killers concludes on Wednesday, but the verdict is unlikely to unite a nation still divided over his legacy.

After three and a half years, the murder of two key men among the 150 witnesses, and the resignation of a judge due to threats, there in no clear explanation for his killing.

"The murder of Zoran Djindjic was a political murder, but those who ordered this crime have not been revealed," said Bozo Prelevic, lawyer for a bodyguard wounded in the shooting. "The accused were only tools in other hands, purely executioners."

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Kirk Johnson said...

This trial could prove to be a real test of where Serbian society is and where it is heading.

Shaina said...

No doubt that this case is important; but as article pointed out, this is only a trial of the people who are charged with actually killing Djindjic; not with the politicians and systems behind his assaniation; I think a true test would come when we have more information about who was actually behind the assasination; and if they go on trial as well.

Kirk Johnson said...

Good point--I wasn't very detailed. I do mean the trial itself, more than any specific verdict. I would hope that the unanswered question "Who was behind this, and why?" will be inescapable.