Sunday, November 04, 2007

An Eclectic Collection of Articles

Some good articles from this past week, and I didn't feel like devoting an entire post to each new article, so here goes:

IWPR has a new addition of Tribunal Update, including an article on transcripts showing the Croatian government conspiring to carve up Bosnia; which I think is pretty well known(?).

Balkan Insight also has a new addition as well, with articles focusing on the EU, Kosovo and Bosnia's political turmoils.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Serbs Protest Imposed Reforms, But Is It Smoke Or Fire? and Dangerous Rumblings In Bosnia also focuses on the current political situation in Bosnia.

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Srebrenica Genocide Blog (Editor) said...

As nationalism is rising and Serb politicians are eager to continue destabilizing the country, one can only be certain that these kinds of politicians will draw people into a new war - at some point.

This is a serious political crisis caused by Belgrade's meddling into B&H internal affairs.

Serbs simply can't accept the notion that Kosovo will never, ever, be part of Serbi again. And that's what really causes their frustration.