Friday, November 09, 2007

Bosnia Post Conflict Recovery & Reconcilliation

The U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, held a hearing on a wide range of issues facing Bosnia right now.

A transcript is available here.


Kirk Johnson said...

Lengty read--I printed it out and unfortunately still haven't finished it. I guess the good news is that at Congress is aware that recent events have not been good and that the region still requires our attention.

Shaina said...

Hi Kirk, I was going to tell you about the article on your blog-because I think quite a lot of the issues raised at the hearing also ties in to some of the issues you have been discussing via your book reviews (great reviews btw!).

It is lengthy, but I thought it was excellent. They touched on so many important issues, including issues that tend not to get as much press-i.e. the issues facing the Roma population. I also thought that there was some very important words spoken on the ICJ verdict as well.
Now, whether this hearing will have any further impact-is another story.