Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prijedor Exhibit

St. Louis MO is home to one of the largest Bosnian communities in North America, this weekend, the St. Louis Holocaust Museum and Learning Center presents Prijedor: Lives From the Bosnian Genocide.


Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor said...

True. And concentration camps around Prijedor were horrible. Many mass rapes of women occured there. When it comes to rapes, Prijedor and Foca were the worst.

I would like to thank Jewish people for extending their hands to the victims of Bosnian horror.

As I said before, and I will repeat it again:

There was a "plan" to get rid of Muslims of Bosnia, but it failed. Vladimir Srebrov, co-founder of the Serb Democratic Party, who was imprisoned during the war after leaking sensitive information about the Serbian Democratic Party's plan to exterminate Bosniaks as people in their quest for creation of 'Greater Serbia'. According to Mr Srebrov, the extermination plan coded "Ram Plan", had been drawn up by the General Staff of the Yugoslav National Army in 1990. The plan served as Serbian Democratic Party's carbon copy of the "Final Solution" for Bosniaks. According to Mr Srebrov:

"The Muslims were to be subjected to a final solution: more than 50% of them were to be killed, a smaller part was to be converted to Orthodoxy, while an even smaller part - those with money, of course - was to be allowed to leave for Turkey, by way of a so-called 'Turkish corridor'." (Source: Interview with Vladimir Srebrov, a founding member of the Serb Democratic Party", Vreme Magazine, 30 October 1995.)

On October 12th 1991 Radovan Karadzic stated that Muslims will disappear: "They will disappear, these people will disappear from the face of the earth"

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Owen said...

Vulliamy is an excellent man. Honest and concerned.

Shaina said...

Thanks and the host should get some kudos too for asking a lot of good questions that went beyond just the general "what happened there?"