Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bosnia's Boogeyman

Remember when Dodik was portrayed as pragmatic politician, more interested in economic development than nationalist rhetoric? Yeah.


Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor) said...

I am glad you discovered BalkanInsight!

Quote from Milorad Dodik:
"A visibly angry Dodik clenched his fists and called Hadziomerovic 'an idiot,' and warned him he would knock him out if he showed his face in Banja Luka."

Mr. Dodik, you can only pray to your Orthodox God that new war does not erupt in Bosnia, because if it does - you won't be able to do what what you did during 90's. If new war erupts, you better get boat so you can cross Drina river, because Bosnia, because you won't exist anylonger.

If this idiot, Milorad Dodik, causes new war - he will destroy his own people and his own entity's autonomy, because we are not defenceless as before, and there is a lot to revenge for and people are sick of these horrible extremist politicians calling for a new war. It's disgusting, especially before Christmas.

Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor) said...

Shaina, I am looking the interview at YouTube, and I can tell you that Milorad Dodik is very confused and very scared. He knows that repeat of their "successes" (aka: ethnic cleansing, terrorizing Sarajevo, etc) is very unlikely, and that one respectable military operation (on the Part of Croats and Bosniaks) would solve the problem of Republika Srpska, just as it had solved the problem of "Republic of Serb Krajina" in 1995.

He knows that a declaration of war on his part would lead to the destruction of RS.

Let me tell you, I am very proud of a Croat journalist who refused to shake hands with Dodik demanding he will do it after the interview.

Daniel said...

PS: In the interview, Dodik also insulted Bosniak journalists' mother by saying that she was basically a whore, but a Croat journalist stopped him.

Daniel said...

PS: Dodik states that a city is more beautiful if it has less mosques.

Holly smoke... I can't believe this. Still watching the clips...

This resembles Adolf Hitler's rise of fascism in Germany.

Daniel said...

Serbs are quick to point out that Croats expelled 200,000 of them in Krajina (operation Oluja), but they forgot to mention that 3 years earlier they expelled me, including 200,000 Croats, and over 100,000 Bosniaks from Posavina region in the Northern Bosnia.