Monday, December 10, 2007

Does Anyone Know A Good Attorney?

If you are just mildly interested in what the Serbian government’s response to Kosovo gearing up towards declaring independence will be (and if you aren’t interested, you have probably stopped reading at this point); the answer is: litigation.

If you guessed correctly, you will receive a vintage cassette of 200 na sta. (A vintage cassette from a vintage-but not yet completely bygone era).
*The link to the cover version was found via Belgrade Blog*

And for some good articles:
Tension Digest: Belgrade Blog’s analysis of the reaction from politicians, “celebs”,soccer hooligans and some dead former Statesmen. Remember, Kennedy’s famous phrase: "Ich bin ein Berliner!" -I mean, "Kosovo is Serbia!"

Allan Little: Countdown to Kosovan Independence.

The Guardian's article on one Serb refugee family from Kosovo

And the ever perceptive: Balkan Baby Blog


Daniel said...

Kosovo is not Serbia, and will never be Serbia.

Serbia lost Kosovo when in engaged in a war against NATO in 1999.

Kosovo will never be part of Serbia again.

Alan Jakšić said...

Hello Shaina!

I've been to your blog before. I am the writer of the Balkan Anarchist blog, and perhaps you could add my blog to your "Balkan Blogroll" list! ;-)

Read my opinion on Kosovo here, and have a look around my blog. I'm a Croatian Serb by the way, and have written something about my people recently.

All the best!