Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Betrayal of Srebrenica: A Commemoration

From January 29th to February 29th Boston College will be showcasing a Photographic exhibition "The Betrayal of Srebrenica: A Commemoration." The exhibit is presented by Lisa DiCaprio and features photos by Paula Allen.
According to an overview of the exhibit by "
The exhibit encompasses four themes: the war in Bosnia, specifically Srebrenica, the determination of the survivors, the human rights issue of those "missing," and the 10-year commemoration for which DiCaprio and Allen were present.

Besides Boston College, the exhibit has been featured at other colleges, such as Washington and Lee University.


Kirk Johnson said...

Thanks for the info--I'm kicking myself for not knowing this was at Washington and Lee, which is only two or three hours from where I live.

Shaina said...

I tried to find some of the photos featured in the exhibit online-but I wasn't able to find any. Although, I only did a very cursory google search.

Anonymous said...

I found one of the photos at
along with a very interesting eulogy of Coretta Scott King.

Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor) said...

Wow! Great news. You always find interesting stuff and this is not the first time you surprised me. Thank you for this information.