Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kosova's New Day

The Republic of Kosova declared its declaration of independence today; along with a new flag.

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Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor said...

I am glad Kosovar people are free from Christian terrorism. Serbian Bishop Artemije has called for war. Serbs consider Kosovo mythology part of their religious heartland and other invented historical nonsense. Kosovo Albanians were victims Christian terrorists who regard Kosovo "Holy Land." Here is Bishop Artemije's latest press release calling for more terrorism against Albanians in Kosovo, link:

Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor said...

Serb church urges state of war over Kosovo

Serbian Bishop Artemije calls on Christian terrorists to attack Albanians in Kosovo again, quote:

"Serbia should rally its armed forces, declare Kosovo occupied territory and buy weapons from Russia to reclaim it, the head of the Serb Orthodox Church in Kosovo was quoted on Sunday as saying.

'The statement by the chief of staff, General Zdravko Ponos, that Kosovo will not be defended by the army, is a disgrace,' Bishop Artemije told the daily Glas Javnosti.

'Serbia should buy state of the art weapons from Russia and other countries and call on Russia to send the volunteers and establish a military presence in Serbia,' he said."