Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fears of New Ethnic Conflict in Bosnia

From the New York Times:

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina -- Thirteen years after the United States
brokered the Dayton peace agreement to end the ferocious ethnic war in the
former Yugoslavia, fears are mounting that Bosnia, poor and divided, is again
teetering toward crisis.

On the surface, this haunted capital, its ancient mosques and Orthodox churches
still pocked by mortar fire, appears to be enjoying a renaissance. Young
professionals throng to stylish cafes and gleaming new shopping malls while the
muezzin heralds the morning prayer. The ghosts of Srebrenica linger -ecalling
the worst massacre in Europe since World War II - but Sarajevans prefer to talk
about President-elect Barack Obama or the global financial crisis.

Yet for the first time in years, talk of the prospect of another war is
creeping into conversations across the ethnic divide in Bosnia, a former
Yugoslav republic that the Dayton agreement divided into two entities, a
Muslim-Croat Federation and a Serb Republic.

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Anonymous said...

Very unpleasant situation developing, Dodik appears to be becoming increasingly confident.

Kirk Johnson said...

I am so depressed by ongoing fears that the West learned the wrong lessons from Bosnia might only be confirmed by any new outbreak of violence. By sanctifying ethnic partition at Dayton, we helped institutionalize and legitimize the sort of behavior which could very well drag the country back into violence and chaos. Damn it all.

~PakKaramu~ said...


from Malaysia to visit for you

Aneeka Tanveer said...

I wnt to a protest today in Mnachester (UK) and the genocide committed by Israel agaisnt Gaza reminds me so much of what happened in Bosnia.
May God us all towards peace and may all those who have been killed attain a high place in Jannah.